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The style of fence you choose will be based on functionality and personal preference. You may be looking  for  aesthetic appeal, privacy, or  security.  Whatever your preferences are , we install  many different styles and heights,  to guarantee your satisfaction.
Our desired footing depth for a fence is 3-4 ft.   The concrete we use is of the best quality, and all concrete is premixed and delivered by the Cement plant to ensure the perfect consistency and strength.
The construction materials used will impact the fence’s maintenance requirements and lifespan. It is important to know what you are attempting to achieve with the fence materials for they will directly affect the cost. All of our materials are of premium quality .
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Tuf fence provides quality low-maintenance options with endless capabilities. Maintenance should be done twice a year (Spring and Fall) and can be accomplished with mild soap and water. Tuf fence offers numerous colors, styles, and height options. This fence is also known that it uses steel  as reinforcement. Available colors are White, Tan and Adobe. There are over 8 fencing styles to choose from and the height options are endless. There are also 3 post cap designs to choose from (the Pyramid cap is our standard).
Tuf fence come with a limited lifetime warranty on materials. All our PVC gates use heavy duty self closing PVC hinges with key lockable entries, which are accessible from both sides.



PT lumber will naturally fade to grey over time. Should you want to apply a protective coating to the PT lumber, it is recommended you wait one year until application. The one year lapse is suggested so as to allow for the lumber to properly dry
Using Western Red Cedar  on your fence project offers a beautifully natural look. Cedar does not have to be coated. Should you leave the cedar natural it will fade to grey, much like the PT. Should you want to coat the cedar, it is recommended you do so at least 3 weeks after installation is completed. 
  • Ornamental Iron is the ideal choice when looking for fencing that is visually appealing yet unobtrusive. Quality North-American made products are available in numerous styles to suit residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Chain link is time-tested, offering economy, security & colours to suit most applications. Customers today recognize the value of traditional chain-link fence as it remains affordable, highly dependable and the world’s number one selling residential fence system.
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